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Magyar Ede, Budapest
Art Nouveau

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The Bunker King…

Submitted by wallq
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photo inspired by hopper
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Damn son our uterus stretches like 5x the size and then contracts and pushes a 7 pound baby out of a small tube into life if you think that isn’t metal as fuck get out of my face


How the hell do woman survive this?

Seriously it surprises me how many people don’t know a couple things about pregnancy and babies:

women would not survive 10 months of pregnancy they would die

A baby is nowhere near as developed as it should be to be out in the world at 9 months, but the human body has not evolved to push anything past the size of the head out, everything else the baby is can stretch and squash but the head

the vagina can’t handle anything bigger than the head at 9 months of development so we have to give birth. 

But babies actually need longer than that, really, it’s why they’re such a mess when they’re born and why they’re completely dependent on care, can’t walk, can’t do anything.  Note most other animals can when they are born.  Babies are born too early, it’s kind of a huge and secret flaw in human evolution.  I found it really interesting, so thought I’d share.


I’m just excited about the boobs

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For you, Hannibal fanfiction writers. Enjoy ;)

x x

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Unknown source

I think the source is probably a dark corner of hell, really

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Ce Moment When | HUMAN | T-Shirts, Tanks, Sweatshirts and Hoodies on We Heart It -

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